Art as Service

In this lesson, students explore the arts as a tool for sharing stories, information, and historical realities in ways that can build community and create awareness about and have an impact on social issues. They explore areas where art might drive change to envision artistic strategies that would make that change happen. Read More

Taking a Stand Through Art

In this lesson, students explore how art can be a tool for addressing and taking action on social justice issues. They examine the various ways artists across genres create messages to encourage awareness and engagement that affect social change. Students consider issues of importance in their community or the world at large to ideate an arts-based solution. Read More

Responding to the Built Environment: An Emotional Interaction

In this lesson, students examine the relationship between architectural design and the human experience to recognize how it influences the shape of the built environment. Learners explore this intersection by assessing an architectural structure in their immediate community to determine whether a new design or a redesign would make it more human centered as well as imaginative, innovative, and distinctive. Read More

Spoken Word Poetry: Dramatic Expression Out Loud

In this lesson, students explore what spoken word is and the elements that frame its messaging. They analyze the work of spoken word artists to recognize how its unique structure and approach bring important issues to light publicly with emotional intensity. Students try their hand at developing spoken word poetry that highlights topics and issues that are meaningful to them. Read More